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Creepy Creatures, Inc., leads with compassion with everything we do. We are not just a pest control company nor are we just wildlife trappers. Whether it is providing free pest control to the Humane Society of Pinellas or recruiting volunteers to help an elderly, disabled hoarding neighbor, Creepy Creatures, Inc. is in the business of helping others...both people and animals. Owner, Dusty Showers says "It's easy for a company to have good ratings. But Google the owner and see what they say. Do they even say anything? You can Google Creepy Creatures and see all positive results. But Google me personally and you will see that we are not just talk...and that it is not just phony marketing. You can see that me, along with my guys are out there helping our community." We specialize in rats but we can handle just about anything from pest control to termites. Creepy Creatures is the only TRULY humane company in the Tampa Bay Area.


We’ve got so many happy & satisfied customers, it would impossible to give you all the testimonials we’ve received. Here’s a couple: