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Frequently Asked Questions

This collection of frequently asked questions provides brief answers to many common questions about Creepy Creatures' services. For specific questions, click here and let us know what you are thinking!

Pest Control

Where are rats?

Rats are everywhere in Florida! Whether you live on the beaches or out on a country could have rats. Rats don't care how clean you are...we have clients in 10,000 sq/ft homes with full time cleaning staff that have had rats. Rats want food, water and shelter. If you can offer them shelter, they can find food and water everywhere. Rat jobs differ; the most important thing is not how many rats you have but how many and what type of openings there are for them to get into your home (attic).

What is your pest control process?

You probably know it is tough to live in Florida and not have pest control. Pest control has evolved over the years and the products have gotten way better and last much longer. Where 25 years ago, most pest control was monthly, the products are so effective that we only need to provide 3 services per year. On the first visit, we treat the inside and outside. Then, every 4 months we treat the outside only. And if you EVER have any issues, just call or text and get right out to address the the service is guaranteed 100% guaranteed!

Is your pest control family and pet safe?

Your safely is always our first consideration. I have 5 daughters...yes, 5. I am also the founder of, a 501c3 charity that provides direct financial support to women with breast cancer. My wife, Que is a cancer researcher. And on top of all of that, our family has two dogs we rescued from the street and I actively rescue dogs and other animals. We use the same products in our home that we use in your home. Many of the products use the same or similar active ingredient that you find in flea and tick control for dogs and cats.

I have raccoons or squirrels in my attic. How do you handle this?

I've worked in this industry since 1993 and trappers are a tough breed to change. Most trappers will trap raccoons and squirrels, hoping to get the mother and then normally looking for babies in the attic.

Inexperienced trappers or ones that may not care will leave babies in the attic to die. This is inhumane and not necessary.
Many will tell you they "humanely relocate" the raccoons and squirrels to a better place. There is no "better place" or "magical farm" and it is illegal to relocate public parks. Studies show that around 80% of relocated wildlife dies from the stress of relocation...that is not very humane.

Newer trappers will "exclude" raccoons and squirrels by using one way doors. This is a better solution however, when a squirrel or raccoon is separated from her babies, she will destroy the home trying to get to them. Publicly, they will say this is not an issue however, because of my Youtube videos, they will privately call me to tell me this is an issue. 

To resolve these issues, I have come up with a method called "Nudging". Nudging allows the animals to stay in a familiar habitat, it does not separate mothers from their babies and works 99% of the time.

These videos show our methods :)



What are the two types of termites?

In general, there are two types of termites: Subterranean termites, and Drywood termites. We all know there are two types of termites in Florida... those that have termites and those that will get termites.

How do you handle termites?

The two treatments or preventative methods are bait stations and a liquid treatment. Bait stations can be less costly upfront, however there is ongoing cost as they need to be checked monthly or close to it. You are also counting on a technician to bend over and accurately check each and every one and typically, when there is an issue, they treat the area with a liquid termiticide. We only provide a liquid treatment and we only use Termidor HE. Recently, generic termiticides have become available but we refuse to use less than the best to protect your home. We dig a 2"x4" trench around your home and fill it with the liquid solution and you are protected 100% for 10 years. Termidor is 100% effective.

I live in a block home, I do not need to worry about termites do I?

Termites love a challenge and the scoff at block homes. First, it doesn't matter for drywood termites because they will be in the roof, attic or window frames. But the big guys, the subterraneans will find ways to travel up the wall and into the attic. We were taking care of someone's rats in their attic when we noticed subterranean termites in their attic. This was a large home with 12' ceilings and...a block home.

Free Inspections & Warranties

Do you offer free inspections?

We provided a free, no obligation inspection for rats and termites. We determine what it will take to resolve your rat problem. We will then explain exactly what is going on and how we will fix it. We figure 3 things will happen...

1) You like what we have to say and you hire us!

2) You do not like what we have to say and you choose to not hire us.

3) We uncover some reason where we feel like we will not be able to meet and exceed your expectations and we choose to respectfully decline the job.

While most companies will take on any customer that will hire them, we want to make sure we are the right fit for each other. See, we built Creepy Creatures, Inc. on referrals and happy clients is the key to that. We would rather turn you down now than let you down later.

Do you offer any warranties?

Once we agree to resolve your issue, we will set rat traps and check those traps every 2-3 days until we are 100% sure there are no more rats. This means, you are not hearing or seeing any signs of rats and we are not seeing any activity. At this point we will make sure every opening is sealed and provide a 1 year warranty.

It was a Holiday when we contacted Dusty, within two hours the schedule was made to have my home treated. Treatment was performed as scheduled, and was quite polite and professional. The problem was found, treated and taken care of. I owe a BIG and heartfelt “Thank You!” to Dusty and Creepy Creatures!

- Sally M., FL, United States