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Meet Dusty Showers


Dusty Showers has appeared on Oprah, The Daytime Show, swam in Alligator Alley and in 2012 Dusty rode his bicycle from Clearwater Beach to Los Angeles... all while wearing a pink bra to fight breast cancer.

The story began in college where Dusty attended Northern Illinois University on a soccer scholarship.  Dusty's passion for animals, even the “weird” ones, was more than apparent when he began collecting reptiles and breeding pythons.  He later moved to Tampa where he created a business he knew he would love—spending days catching raccoons, opossums, squirrels and beavers, all humanely, and spending nights treating and removing yellow jacket nests from people's home. After breast cancer struck his family, Dusty eventually found himself as the most recognizable man in the breast cancer community. Dusty is the Co-Founder and Chairman of, a 501c3 charity that provides direct financial support to women with breast cancer.


It was a Holiday when we contacted Dusty, within two hours the schedule was made to have my home treated. Treatment was performed as scheduled, and was quite polite and professional. The problem was found, treated and taken care of. I owe a BIG and heartfelt “Thank You!” to Dusty and Creepy Creatures!

- Sally M., FL, United States