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Never Use Rat Poison!

Posted by Bitmotive Admin on

Ok, maybe "never" is too absolute...but before using rat poison, there are some things you need to know. There is a myth in the pest control industry that rat poison makes rats thirsty so they go outside and die.  Unfortunately there is no truth to the saying.  No matter who tells you...even if it's your pest control guy, it is not true.


Why is this important?  When you have rats in your attic and put out rat poison, you are more than likely going to end up with dead rats in your attic.  And dead rats smell...and attract flies...which lead to maggots.

So your pest control guy insists that it is true that they go outside for water and die?  Ask to see the label of the product.  If something so genius as this is true, you would think they would advertise it, right?  No where can this be documented as true.  Stick with rat traps...the simple $3 Victor snap traps...or apply xScentPLUS 🙂

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