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Guess What Is Coming Out Of This Cricket?

Posted by Bitmotive Admin on

Parasites In Crickets

When a friend of Creepy Creatures, Inc. found something truly disgusting on her kitchen floor, she immediately shot a video and sent to Dusty Showers. Coming out of this zombie cricket are horsehair worms, parasites of many insects. According to the University of Kentucky Entomology Department:
Horsehair worms, also known as Gordian worms, belong to the group Nematomorpha. They are similar to nematodes but much longer (4 inches or longer) and very thin (1/80 to 1/10 inch diameter). They are found in water or wet areas, such as in or alongside streams or puddles but they can occur in cisterns, livestock watering troughs or most open outdoor container with water. These harmless, curious creatures writhe slowly, contorting their hair-like bodies into intricate and see more...
 Creepy Creatures doe not take care of horsehair worms directly, but we do take care of crickets! When you have roaches, ants, fleas, rats and other creepy creatures, call or text Creepy Creatures, Inc. at 727-488-5657 🙂


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