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Bee Removal In Tampa And St. Petersburg Can Prevent Building Damage

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Bee removal in Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida is more of a vital task than many people realize. When bees decide to take up residence in a structure, their presence can have significant negative effects that can cause damage to the building. However, there is a place that you can turn to for bee removal in Tampa and St. Petersburg that can help you avoid the damage bees cause.

Creepy Creatures has been serving the Tampa and St. Petersburg areas with pest control, removal and prevention services for more than two decades. Our extensive experience in the industry, as well as our passion for our craft, have led to our team’s industry-leading knowledge about all kinds of pests and the damage they can do to your home or business, and we employ this knowledge for every customer we serve. One of our most effective services for preventing pest damage is our bee removal service in Tampa and St. Petersburg.

Nip Building Damage in the Bud with Bee Removal in Tampa and St. Petersburg

Bee removal in Tampa and St. Petersburg is not aimed at killing the bees themselves. While bees can cause significant damage to a structure, they also have an important part to play in the local plant ecosystem and killing them would lead to fewer of the colorful blossoms that Florida is famous for. Instead, bee removal in Tampa and St. Petersburg by Creepy Creatures seeks to safely and humanely remove the bees and their hives from the walls, eaves and other areas of your building and relocate them to a more appropriate location. Our team removes the bees so that your building can avoid damage such as:

  • Structural damage to eaves and walls in your sheds, garages, etc. caused by the weight of hives
  • The odor of beehives attracting other pests to your building
  • The removal of moisture barriers, building felt and vapor barriers when bees build their colony in the wall

With a bee removal in Tampa and St. Petersburg performed by Creepy Creatures, you can avoid all of these potentially expensive damages and save some bees at the same time.

Contact Creepy Creatures today for more information about bee removal in the Tampa and St. Petersburg areas.


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